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Dodge County Drainage Districts  
Index Map to all Dodge County Drainage District Maps 1.7 mb .pdf
District 1 12/17/15 Membership Roll 10 kb .pdf
District 12 12/17/15 Membership Roll 8 kb .pdf
Jefferson County Drainage Districts  
District 15 Map 145 kb .pdf
District 15 3/9/15 Assessment Roll 35 kb .pdf
Dodge County Drainage District 88 Data  
Proposed Outlet Modifications - DATCP Approval Application  
Payment Agreement & Easement  
Court Approval of Stipulation  
Stipulation Resolving 2020 CV 184  
2022 Assessment Roll  
Construction Plans West of County I  
Bid Tabulation - Main Channel West of County I 11 kb .pdf
2013 Assessment Roll 10 kb .pdf
Construction Plans South of County B to County I 1.5 mb .pdf
Bid Tabulation - Main Channel South of County B to County I 11 kb .pdf
Roedl Bid Burnett Corners Tile North of County B 1.5 mb .pdf
Roedl Bid Main Channel North of County B 1.5 mb .pdf
Construction Plans North of County B 348 kb .pdf
Lake Sinissippi Improvement District review of revised Burnett Corners Drain 382 kb .pdf
Montgomery-SetterTech review of revised Burnett Corners Drain 3.1 mb .pdf
2012 Assessment Roll 10 kb .pdf
Kittell/Woock 10/25/12 Letter 65 kb .pdf
Stippich 10/23/12 Letter (email) 5 kb .pdf
DNR-Heim 10/22/12 Letter 20 kb .pdf
Lake Sinissippi Improvement District 10/22/12 Letter 132 kb .pdf
Giese/Tomko 10/20/12 Letter 70 kb .pdf
Atty. Hazelbaker 10/18/12 Letter 148 kb .pdf
Atty. Hazelbaker 10/5/12 Letter 58 kb .pdf
DATCP Approval of s. 88.35 Report 46 kb .pdf
Assessment Report per s. 88.35 3.3 mb .pdf
Circuit Court Order to Organize District 88 29 kb .pdf
District/DNR/Lake Sinissippi Improvement District/Giese Settlement Agreement 3.0 mb .pdf
MARS/Settersten Report - Complete Report 18.5 mb .pdf
MARS/Settersten Report - Map Only 2.9 mb .pdf
DATCP Report per s. 88.11(3) 164 kb .pdf
Board Report to the Circuit Court per s. 88.29/88.32 1.4 mb .pdf
External Links  
Chapter 88 Wisconsin Statutes 185 kb .pdf
ATCP 48 Wisconsin Administrative Code 164 kb .pdf